Top Ten Books I Want To Give As Gifts

Top Ten TuesdayIt’s another post from over at The Broke and the Bookish, where they pick a different topic every Tuesday and people blog about it. This week it’s Top Ten Books I Want To Give As Gifts (and to who…even if I won’t actually give them!)

For the Literary Type - "Infinity."10. For the Literary Type – “Infinity.” I’ve asked before if I was cheating on these lists. Well, I know this must be cheating. I co-wrote this book with author Ellen Curtis, and many of my regular readers will know. But I couldn’t help adding it, even if I did put it fairly low on the list. I love giving this book to literary types who maybe look down on my style of writing as more base, and I love their reaction when they discover that there’s actually a lot going on in there. I love hearing literary types at first tear it down and then, by the end, defend it. Love it. Some people I know may get this for Christmas.

For Hannah - "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."9. For Hannah – “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” I just have such fond memories of this book. Hannah is the daughter of a girl I used to date and we still hand out all the time. We’re all very good friends. I just want to share so much with her, and I think she’d have fun with this book. She’s five now, and I think she’d have a blast learning to read this.

Morgan (my sister) - "A Christmas Carol."8. Morgan (my sister) – “A Christmas Carol.” Maybe a little beyond her, but not by much. I think she has a very literary soul inside her, and I’m always for introducing her to the classics. The sad truth however is that I’m more than likely getting her legos or an iTunes card.

Jess (The aforementioned Ex) - "Catch me If you Can."

7. Jess (The aforementioned Ex) – “Catch me If you Can.” Perhaps the oddest choice. I just really think she’d dig it. I read it for the first time over this past year and really loved it. She’s always suggesting books to me that broaden my horizons, so I’m always happy to return the favor.

Melane (sister) - "A Clockwork Orange."

6. Melane (sister) – “A Clockwork Orange.” Melane’s in her twenties now and has developed into quite the reader, I’ve learned. But she won’t give Black Womb a try because she’s aware some not-nice things happen in it and doesn’t like thinking that these things came from my mind. I want to give her this book then, just to prove there are more deranged minds out there than mine.

Aunt Linda - "Bag of Bones."

5. Aunt Linda – “Bag of Bones.” I simply love this book, and think she would too. It’s romantic and heartbreaking ans subtle and so many other things that King is not known for. A must for any non-King fan.

For my Mother - "The Odyssey."

4. For my Mother – “The Odyssey.” I’ve given books to Mom before. Like Melane, I think she sees what I write as very dark. This book, written thousands of years ago, is darker. In fact, most “classics” make my stuff look tame. This is another “I have something to prove” gift. 😉

 For my Father - "Hunting Humans."

3. For my Father – “Hunting Humans.” Ethnographies keep making it onto my list, don’t they? My father is a very smart man, and I think he would enjoy this very smart look at serial killers by a renowned Newfoundland anthropologist. It’s that simple.

Ellen (my girlfriend and partner) - "In Sorcery's Shadow."

2. Ellen (my girlfriend and partner) – “In Sorcery’s Shadow.” Another ethnography. Huh. Ellen is set against anthropology simply because we have so much in common already that the tried to find difference when she can. I think anthropology would suit her very well, and I think this is the book to prove it.

To ANYONE - "Life of Pi."

1. To ANYONE – “Life of Pi.” I say that because everyone, everywhere, should read this book. It is the perfect gift and is simply breathtaking. In fact, the best advice I can give any of you is to go out and give it to yourselves this holiday season.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew


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