Top Ten Authors I Wish would write another book

Top Ten Tuesday

The Gunslinger
10. Stephen King. I know he’s writing loads, but I specifically want another Dark Tower book. Or a sequel to Cell. Preferably both, in one book. I smell awesome.

9. Peter Cook. I wrote him in grade five and he was super nice and sent me a whole bunch of stuff. He also mentioned he was working on a sequel to Born Smart? called Born Ugly? but it never materialized. Here’s hoping it someday will.

Jurassic Park
8. Michael Crichton. What’s to say? An amazing author taken before his time. Was always hoping for another Jurassic Park.

Wizard's First Rule
7. Terry Goodkind. I never read the Sword of Truth novels, but I’m touched that he left notes so someone else could finish them. That takes dedication. It would have been so easy for him not to give that to his fans, and who would blame him? The man is dead. I simply wish he could have had the time to finish it himself.

To Kill a Mockingbird
6. Harper Lee. I need a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird. Need it. Lol.

David Copperfield
5. Charles Dickens. No matter how much he has out, I will always want more.

Sherlock Holmes
4. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes should have had more stories. I’m sure Doyle would have liked to have given them.

I have to Go!
3. Robert Munch. In an odd twist, I want more from this children’s author. Specifically audiobooks with him reading. Have you ever heard the man? It’s incredible.

The Lord of the Rings
2. JRR Tolkien. He clearly had more to say.

1. Thomas Harris. I’m so sorry that the studio pressured him to write more Hannibal books. I think it’s left a bad taste in his mouth. I hope he writes more, even if it’s not more Hannibal.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew


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