Gut Reaction: IDW’s Raphael #1

IDW Raphael #1

IDW Raphael #1

The IDW series seems to want to take its cue’s from all over Turtle’s media, which I don’t mind. It’d currently borrowing a lot from the Fred Wolf cartoon, teasing Krang in issue #1 and now, with this, Beebop and Rocksteady enter the fray. And that’s kind of IDW’s thing. It adapts awesome 80’s television shows like Transformers and Ghostbusters. So honestly, I don’t know why we’re all surprised. We really should have seen it coming.

While I like the narrative from Raph’s point of view, the story goes nowhere and is garbage. It’s a filler issue, nothing more. The original Raphael #1 was necessary in that it introduced Casey Jones. Here, Casey is there simply because… because he was in the eighties issue. And then, part way through, it’s like the comic realizes it has nothing to do with him. He realizes it too, standing in the alley and looking dejected. You can tell, he’s just thinking : “When will Peter Laird come out of retirement?”

Also, a word on using the Micro-Series. Back when Eastman and Laird did them we didn’t really have a name for what they were. They were one-shots. You don’t have that excuse, IDW. You just look stupid.

Also, one of the alternate covers is an exact replica of the original cover, making it very easy for people to scam other people on eBay. Thanks for that too, by the way.

Where is Peter Laird, anyway? I picture him reading these issues at home and just crying. I hope there’s an angry blog post from him in my future.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew


2 responses to “Gut Reaction: IDW’s Raphael #1

  1. I suspect Laird is busy enough with the Xeric Foundation and personal business to worry about this. You’re right about using the term “micro-series” but I suspect this is trying to capitalize on the collection aspect.

    Someone suggested I read the first issue of the new series, based on my feelings of the original Eastman/Laird run. Though you certainly voice your opinion in a stronger manner, I agree. It’s a shame, judging by your reviews, that little good has come out of this TMNT revival.


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