Gut Reaction: IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #2



Okay, something I forgot to mention last issue. The art by Dan Duncan sucks. Well, no. That’s unfair. I don’t like his art. I wouldn’t mind him on other books, I just don’t think it works on the Turtles. Especially their human supporting characters. I mean, the Turtles can look blocky. Jim Lawson did that with them all the time. Casey Jones should not.

The sad thing is, in the back of each book they show Kevin Eastman’s layouts. And they are better than what Duncan is producing. Like, if there was a choice of alternate interiors as opposed to alternate covers, I’d go with Eastman’s hands down.

In this issue we get even more origin, learning that the Shredder (or at least a ninja I assume will be revealed to be the Shredder) and Old Hob are involved in the Turtle’s origin as well. Old Hob got exposed to ooze while attempting to eat baby turtle Raphael and Splinter attacked him. While that sounds awesome, and it does make the Turtles origin tighter, all this comes to a grinding halt when you realize that the Turtles themselves are only fifteen months old in present day, not fifteen years. That… is a problem. I mean a big one. And I’ve read on, I know how they resolve this. But just let me make this clear: the resolution makes the problem make even less sense.

I get what they’re doing. They’re trying a new spin on the Turtles’s origin. But this isn’t like Brian Bendis changing it from a radiated spider to a genetically altered spider back in Ultimate Spider-Man #1. This is like changing it to say that Peter was a spider in a past life and that his Uncle Ben was really Wolverine and didn’t really die, he just moved out and went to live with the X-Men. See? There’s a difference.

And I feel like the change is just for changes sake. Even with Kevin Eastman on board, I feel it’s straying to far. Not only that, but the changes they’ve made will create story issues I can see a mile off and I can’t believe they can’t. I may have to do a “Common Mistakes” blog post on this series.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew


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