Gut Reaction: IDWs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3



Alright, what we have here is an issue of IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I can actually get behind. Despite the silliness, despite the weird art, my gut reaction is that I can recommend this series based on this issue. It has great Raphael – Casey Jones action going on. In that way it’s strangely more like the original Raphael Micro-Series #1 than like any of the early issues of the Mirage TMNT series proper. In fact, this adaption kind of reminds me of the 4Kids series episode “Meet Casey Jones,” except that it ends at the cliffhanger and the goons they get cornered by aren’t Purple Dragons, they’re Old Hob and his gang. And in some weird way Old Hob replaces the Purple Dragons.

The thing is, I can see this series becoming just dirty with mutants real quick. Much like the Fred Wolf cartoon, it seems like everyone has to be a mutant. When in the original comic and the 2003 tv series they didn’t actually fight other mutants a whole lot, and the series was the better for it. It made them unique. For them to feel isolated and for that to be realistic, they need to be not only the only turtles but also the only mutants. I mean, Old Hob must feel the same outcasting as the rest of them, right?

Apparently not, his gang doesn’t seem to noticed that he’s a giant frigging alley cat.. Perfectly reasonable. Where’s the dialog on that? Three issues for the Turtles’s origin on not one mention of how a giant talking cat with one eye assembles an entire gang of street thugs in only 15 months?

You see the plot holes I spoke of last time?

Anyway, again, this issue is not as bad as it’s starting to sound. I enjoyed it. I’d recommend it. I’d also recommend you check your brain at the door when you flip it open.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew


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