Shelling out this Rehash

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures (miniseries) #2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures (miniseries) #2

Okay, remember last time when I praised the cover for showing Leonardo wearing a red bandana like the original series because I thought it wasn’t an error? Cancel that. This time the bandana is purple. They’re recycling the same image and just changing the bandana color. It’s like Leo’s going as Don for Halloween, which is just ridiculous as that’s much more Michelangelo’s style.


Also, of the four turtles on the cover, there are two wearing blue and two wearing reddish orange. I mean seriously people, they’re colors. If you can’t get this much right you might as well go back to black and white.

This is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures (mini series) #2. It starts where the last issue left off, with the Turtles having stormed the Technodrome in order to save Master Splinter from the Shredder. While mid-rescue they meet the henchmen that would become the staple of the television series: Bebop and Rocksteady. We showed them mutated last issue, and now they’re introduced proper. Strangely the writer has made the pacing of the comic far superior to that of the original broadcast, which I actually wouldn’t have thought possible. The dialog is pretty bad, but then the original dialog wasn’t Shakespeare either… interesting.

Continuing, the Turtles beat the henchmen and escape with Master Splinter, ending Chapter Two.

I find this breakdown very odd. This may have been the first series ever to have actually been written for the trade, a common practice today. For instance, each book has a title, not each chapter. Because of this, the title happened (for this issue) in the middle of a chapter. Also oddly enough, in this issue the chapter change is much less noticeable. I had to actually go back and check for it because I knew where the original broadcast episode ended. The narration in the very next panel even reads “later, in the Turtles [sic] headquarters in the sewers…”, further lending to the illusion that these events are linked and a part of the same narrative. Kudos, but strange kudos.

Moving on, the Shredder uses his billions of cameras to spy on Baxter Stockman, an inventor who creates robotic, artifically intelligent mouse traps called ‘mousers’. He’s trying to sell it to a mouse trap manufacturer who accuses him of trying to put him out of business and orders him to leave… that… would never happen. Ever. Meanwhile, the Turtles are searching for the Technodrome, and thus are out when the Mousers attack Splinter in his home. Shredder has a million cameras but never attached one to a Mouser’s head, so don’t worry: he can’t find the Lair. Anyway, the “Splinter gets captured” story is a staple of every TMNT variation. It’s a great story, don’t get me wrong… but I don’t feel the need to go into great detail about it.

April’s house gets demolished (another classic TMNT staple) and Mike is captured… and assaulted by Krang. This is where things are interesting, because Krang is unique to the original television series and this spinoff series of comics. The Utrom aliens exist in other Universes (including subtle mentions in the movie trilogy) but the Turtles’ creators have stated bluntly that Krang is not an Utrom, which techincally makes him an original character… I wonder if the writer gets royalties then? He should. I bet he doesn’t. Someone who’s not me should look into that.

Anyway, the Turtles save Mike but nobody beleives he was molested by a disembodied brain… but why would they. And now we begin… Chapter Four? Wowzers. Things are moving right along. Okay, sure. Chapter Four. This issue starts with the creation of the Turtle-Van, while in the Technodrome Krang orders Shredder to finish work on his new vody. This was a thing all throughout the original series. I want a new body. I need a new body. He sounded like a horny teenager. Sheesh.

Shredder decides to open the portal to Dimension X, despite Krang’s warnings that anything could come through. The issue ends with two unnamed (at least for the moment) flying convertables coming through the portal and blasting out of the Technodrome, followed by a flying… army jeep… driven (piloted?) by one of Krang’s stone warriors. And the issue ends, again on a two-be continued. This ending isn’t nearly as climactic as the last one, and is the issue’s only major pacing slump.

This is a good issue, much like the last one. It’s interesting to try and judge these, because I do give it some leiniency because I know how restricted the writer must have been. Still, it’s an enjoyable adaptation without being too ridgid, hinting at the later greatness of this title under this publisher. I’m going to go with 5/10 again, anything else seems too low or too high.


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