The Third Shelling

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures (miniseries) #3

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures (miniseries) #3

This issue Leonardo has an orange mask. The only color it has yet to be, is blue. This is the last issue of this miniseries. That makes me die inside. It’s almost like they did it on purpose.

It’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures (mini series) issue #3, and it begins where the last left off, with a Stone Warrior entering the Technodrome via a portal to Dimension X.

The Turtles come across the flying-car drivers from last issue, now revealed to be named the Neutrinos. They’re teenagers from the war-torn Dimension X, where they can’t have any fun. In the series, Mike comforts her and they have the weirdest, shortest romance in nostalgic television history, but here the comforting scene has been replaced by Donatello. At this point, I wonder if they’ve changed characters or just colored stuff wrong, because the Turtle-in-question has no identifiable marks besides his bandana. Hard to believe this concept worked in black and white, but it did folks.

The Stone Warriors launch a weather bomb that makes weather unpredictable in New York… who would notice? Hah. Anyway, the Neutrino’s make it home, and yes, the romance was scuttled. This is actually brilliant, as they’ve removed the one thing from this episode that not only made no sense but also alienated young boys… again, kudos to the writer.

Defeated, Shredder vows to finally create Krang’s new body so that Krang can help him destroy the Turtles at last, ending Chapter Four.

Chapter Five begins with Shredder baiting the Turtles by hacking their TV and proving that he can de-mutate Master Splinter… yeah, in this continuity Splinter was a man first. Go figure.

Leo, Mike and Ralph assault the Technodrome while Don works on a new toy… I mean, important Turtle need, the Turtle-Blimp… wait, that can’t be right. Why would a Ninja choose a slow-moving, easily spotting vehicle… b-l-i-m-p. Blimp. Yep, it says blimp all right. Go figure.

Anyway, Krang gets his new robotic body which seems to be able to morph its hands into whatever shape he chooses, sprout wings and grow to Godzilla-level sizes. Interesting. The Turtles fight it with… their blimp. You know, that just doesn’t sound right. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be questioning anything in a show about Martial Arts-mastering Turtles. In any event, Don and Leo make their way inside the body and smash its growth crystal, and Krang begins to shrink.

Shredder still believes he has the upper hand, threatening to suck the planet into Dimension X… but when he turns it on he discovers that Donatello reconfigured it to such the Technodrome into Dimension X instead.

In the series the Technodrome returned again and again… but with this series? Let’s see. I think it should be a fun ride.

These issues provided a great starting point for any reader. As adaptations of TOS they provide a background for people who aren’t familiar with the series but are faithful enough for people that are. As far as the rest of the ongoing series goes, having a widely-known background can do wonders for not having to explain everything all the time, a trait which serves this series well.

I’m giving this issue 5/10 points as well. It’s good, but it could be far better… and if memory serves, it will be. 😉


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