Gut Reaction: IDWs Donatello Micro-Series #3

TMNT Microseries IDW #3 Donatello

TMNT Microseries IDW #3 Donatello

Okay, so someone proved me wrong on the whole “Michelangelo shouldn’t have had his weapons yet” thing, but I’m defending myself on two criteria: a) These are called Gut Reactions for a reason: they are my initial reactions upon reading the issue, nothing more and nothing less. b) I still think there are continuity gaffs going on.

For instance, in this issue, Donatello makes reference to the fact that Baxter Stockman experimented on him. He specifically says him, not the four of them and Splinter. This is also the first time they’ve met face-to-face since the mutation, I think.

So is that referencing when they were baby turtles in the lab? Or is it referencing a future story in the ongoing series in which Donatello himself gets captured by Stockman? I’m really not sure which, so I’ll withhold judgement, but these continuity problems do happen with multiple titles coming out monthly, are are something that have always kind of bothered me.

Meanwhile, this is TMNT Microseries #3: Donatello. It’s a great issue, probably the best in the micro-mini-series so far. I judge this on the fact that both the Raphael and the Donatello episodes served to advance the plot, whereas the Michelangelo issue did not. This one focuses in on Stockman, much in the same way Raph’s story hinted at Bebop, Rocksteady, and Shredder.

There are a lot of references here. Donatello meets a crazy scientist with a screen name kirby_fan01, a reference to the original Donatello microseries and to comic’s legend Jack Kirby. That kind of makes this a reference of a reference. Or to a reference. I don’t know. The “Kirby” character isn’t quite as likable as the original, and I think it may actually be taking a stab at diehard fans of Jack Kirby. I’m not sure. But that would be strange, as it would basically be taking a stab at Eastman and Laird. I have no clue what that was all about.

We also have the “power glove” (I don’t know what it’s really called) returning and the trademark Kirby Bubbles that appear whenever the Kirbyfan uses his powers. All these things are great, great, great, but nothing to me was Donatello’s reference to Turtle Power. The IDW series, at times, reads like a coded love-letter to the Fred Wolf cartoon. Long-time fans know the code, and that makes issues like this fun.

Both series are back on track as of the reading of this issue, and I sincerely hope it stays that way.

Never Look Back
Matthew LeDrew


3 responses to “Gut Reaction: IDWs Donatello Micro-Series #3

  1. Donatello was referencing the fact that they were lab animals for experimentation. They were experimented on pre-mutation.


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