Jay Paulin’s Faces | Review


The spooky shapes he sees everywhere frustrate a lonely boy. Will he be pushed too far?

Faces by Jay Paulin and Kristina Neuman is one of those rare comic books that actually defies the conventions of the medium. It’s a wonderful book and an example of how to use the medium to the advantage of reader. It’s not trying to be cinema, television or literature. It is a comic book, and it successfully embraces all things that make that medium great.

Centered around an disturbed, unnamed young boy (editors note: as the result of a contest held by Ink’d Well Comics, the boy has been named Jack via the fans) who sees faces everywhere, thus the title. It’s a gothic fairly tale that reminds me much of a childrens story. Reading it aloud will conjure images in tune with Tim Burton’s ‘Vincint’, or even an R-rated version of Reading Rainbow.

It’s hard to talk about without spoiling. I will say that the art is amazing, of better quality than I thought indie comics capable, and that the writing is superb. This is an example of the way a single-issue title should be written, and is required reading for anyone hoping to break into the comic book industry.


Although Jay Paulin contributes reviews to The Book Closet, he has absolutely no input on the review you have just read. He has not been contacted beforehand or seen an advance copy. Furthermore, the comic in question has been purchased and was not provided in exchange for a favorable review.

FacesFaces by Jay Paulin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“The spooky shapes he sees everywhere frustrate a lonely boy. Will he be pushed too far?”

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