Excalibur: The Two-Edged Sword review

Excalibur Two-Edged Sword

Excalibur Two-Edged Sword

I don’t think I fully appreciated, until recently, how frightening the Excalibur run by Chris Claremont was. This is the second story-arc to feature the team, and prominently features the real-life bogey-men of the UK of years past: the Nazis.

I don’t think people on this side of the pond realize that the Nazi’s were a real, every-night fear. And in this collection Claremont brings it to the forefront with a sickly personal twist: these aren’t Nazi’s from our world, these are dark alternate-versions of Excalibur from a dimension where the Allies lost World War II.

The novel — and I don’t hesitate calling it that — continues the mature themes of adult relationships, alcoholism, and the horrors of seeing evil within ourselves.

There’s a scene in which the Nazi Nightcralwer is prevented from committing a rape because Kurt realizes that he would have tried to willingly seduce the same woman. There’s frightening insight into our own psyches there.

Excalibur continues to excite.

Excalibur Classic, Vol. 2: Two-Edged SwordExcalibur Classic, Vol. 2: Two-Edged Sword by Chris Claremont

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Excalibur continues to excite.”

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