Iron Man 3 Review: Return of the Awesome

Iron Man 3So five years ago I went to see the first Iron Man movie with my buddy Jordon Pollard — great guy, never had a book dedicated to him. I didn’t expect much, because honestly I didn’t think much of the character at the time. I’d never read Iron Man. I didn’t particularly like Iron Man. Then the movie came out and it just blew me away — stylistically, thematically, everything was perfect. And that Nick Fury cameo at the end? Got goosebumps. Everyone did. It was an awesome day.

For the next few years I continued to hold Marvel films to that standard, with varying degrees of success. Incredible Hulk was okay, Thor was great, Captain America and Iron Man 2… not so much. Iron Man 2 was the worst of these offenders, as it failed to live up to the level of the original. So when Iron Man 3 was announced as launching Phase Two on the Marvel Cinematic Line… I was cautious.

But honestly, they couldn’t have made a better choice.

Everything in this movie works. It delivers on all promises. I deconstructs Tony Stark in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible again, and really reminds us why we fell in love with the Avengers franchise. It continues from Avengers in an amazing way, with Tony Stark suffering from PTSD after the results of that film, making Avengers not just a crossover, but an essential part of the Iron Man saga. That was appreciated. Beyond that, it’s a wonderful story with believable characters and interactions. Downey Jr. really gets to have some fun with his dialog in a way that wasn’t there in the second movie and it just makes the film.

I’m not going to ruin anything — but anyone who loved Iron Man but has been ho-hum since then on Marvel Movies, see this flick. It’s very much worth the price of admission.


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