Excalibur: Having a Wild Weekend

Excalibur Having a Wild Weekend


As we’ve established, Marvel Comics Presents serials starring the X-Men but not Wolverine have a tendency to be… well, let’s not mince words, they’re some of the worst fiction ever drudged up. Having a Wild Weekend, serialized between issues 31 and 38, is an excellent example of that.

And I mean a really, really good example. This is unreadable.

Here’s the plot: Arcade kidnaps Excalibur and they battle against his robotic constructions, first individually (with each issue telling a different individual story) and then, finally, as a team.

I had issue 37 growing up. Not exaggerating, this may have been responsible for my poor initial opinion of the Excalibur title.

Actually, not only is there nothing going on and the art barely coherent, it’s borderline illegal. All of Arcade’s constructions take the forms of various copyrighted material, like the Loony Tunes and Rocky & Bullwinkle.

This is some of the worst that Marvel Comics Presents has to offer. It’s so bad I can’t even really think of things to say about it. Stay away.

Excalibur: Having a Wild WeekendExcalibur: Having a Wild Weekend by Michael Higgins

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

“This is some of the worst that Marvel Comics Presents has to offer.”

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