Gut Reaction: IDW Infestation 2 TMNT #2

Infestation 2 TMNT #2

Infestation 2 TMNT #2

Thought not as good as the first issue in the series, the second issue of Infestation 2 TMNT doesn’t disappoint. The art is moody and atmospheric and matches the story… it almost reminds me of a favorite series from my youth: Darkhold. Awesome 16 issues series that Marvel pulled the plug on too soon.

Anyway, the matter at hand. Last issue Leonardo got captured by the Lovecraft demons that had infested the New York sewer system, and Raphael and Mike were buried alive. That’s a hell of a cliffhanger, leaving our narrator, Donatello, to wonder what he should do next.

Of course they’re all fine, with Leonardo’s rescue taking up the crux of the issue, but that’s not the point. With mainstream comics we’re typically aware that the title character isn’t going to bite the dust. The goal of the writer, then, should be to make sure the feelings of despair / anxiety of the characters resonate within us. We feel Don’s pain. We’ve all been in tense situations before. We all care for our siblings / family like he does and understand what he’s going through when he’s frantically digging up Mike and Raph. It’s just plain good, non-manipulative storytelling.

I came into this series wishing IDW wouldn’t publish so many mini series’s based on a young title, but I leave it hoping they do so more… with provisos. I think they should all be written by Tristan Jones or other equally-seasoned TMNT staffers. I think the stories should take place outside the main story of the mains series (like this one) while still being true to it. I think this could flesh out the universe in new and exciting ways.

Mostly, I think I just missed good-old stand-alone TMNT action.

This series was awesome, and is still on the racks. Go pick it up everyone, and let IDW know what the TMNT readers want.


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