IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10 by Tom Waltz
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

On the surface I liked this issue. And there was going to be a good “Gut Reaction” to it… but unfortunately (for it) I was forced to wait until several hours after reading to be able to write this post… and in that few hours, a strange fact occurred to me: nothing happened.

Remember last issue when we ended with Splinter being faced with the reveal of the Shredder? And the Turtles didn’t know where he was? And Baxter Stockman was in trouble with General Krang? Well, this issue ends with Baxter Stockmen in trouble with General Krang, the Turtles not knowing where their father is, and Splinter being held in front of the Shredder!

The weirdest thing: both issues seem to end on the exact same cliffhanger, a reveal of the Shredder. Last issue ended on a splash reveal of him in general, whereas this issue ended with the revelation that he is Oroku Saki… well, no shit. Didn’t see that coming.

This is decompressed storytelling to a fault.

I can’t say nothing happens. The Turtles get left at the “Second Time Around” Antique Shop that fans will recall from Turtles lore. Hope it has good fire insurance, is all I’m saying there. There’s also some good dialog between Leo and Don, but it’s still staying on those party lines: Leo believes they were reincarnated, whereas Don wants proof and doesn’t see it. I liked it when it first happened, if only because Don expressed my own viewpoint, but now I have to wonder how many times the Turtles are going to have that same argument.

There was also the reveal that the Shredder is the evil foe that killed Hamato Yoshi and his sons in feudal Japan. While it’s good to finally have a for sure on this (though we did predict it), I couldn’t appreciate it. Months ago, as I stated in a previous review, I had mentioned to my girlfriend Ellen about the Turtles being reincarnated. She commented that they would have had to have been very bad people to have came back as Turtles and a Rat. So the Shredder, a bad person, comes back as a human? And the head of the Foot once again?

I respected the IDW take on the origin originally for making it not so coincidence-heavy, but now the coincidences are piling up again… and they don’t even make sense.

I will say that Dan Duncan’s art has improved tremendously. I did enjoy this story, not trying to say I didn’t… but I’m not going to lie and say there aren’t issues when there are.

Still a cool comic.


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