Infantasy by Jay Paulin | Review

So I’ve mentioned at some point that my comics buying habits have changed. Formally a Marvel and DC guy, now an Ink’d Well Comics and IDW guy. I’ve officially gotten sick of the mainstream publishers. But I’ve been spending a lot of time an energy focusing in on IDW’s offerings (TMNT, Kill Shakespeare) and none at all on Ink’d Well. So here we go: my gut reaction to Infantasy, released last November at Hal Con.

It’s interesting.

Usually “interesting” is entertainment industry talk for “bad”, but that isn’t the case here. It’s legitimately interesting. The one-shots out of Ink’d Well Comics are kind of like art-house movies. Ever see those black-and-white film-school short films on YouTube? That? That’s what Faces and Infantasy are.

And that’s great! I have no issue with that, especially when there are more mainstream entries like Messiah. And I’ve never seen art-house films so perfectly translated into comics before!

Infantasy in told from the point of view of an Infant’s teddy bear (I think. You can never be sure with art-house). It follows the child from birth (literally, although not graphically) through learning to crawl, and the encouragement the bear gives the child along the way. The bear speaks with an Arthurian accent, in my mind.

I love the way Ariel Marsh draws the child’s parents. They look just like Jay and Heidi Paulin. 😉

All in all, this is a great book. I really enjoyed it. The tone and mood are perfect and the art is glorious. Paulin is making comics for people who think comics are only for the immature. These aren’t.

That said, I’d like another story from him. Faces and Infantasy are great comics, but they’re statements. They’re non-sequeter moody art-house films. I want another narrative like Messiah.

I’d also like to see Paulin pick up a camera and film Infantasy, using Marsh’s art as a storyboard.

I rate this issue high. Go pick it up yourself. 😉

InfantasyInfantasy by Jay Paulin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Ever see those black-and-white film-school short films on YouTube? That? That’s what Faces and Infantasy are.”

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