Geek This: The Avery Cates Series

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You should be geeking Avery Cates.

Avery Cates is a series by Jeff Somers.  I emailed him for an interview and he even replied.  I got to interview the man, twice!  But I may just be bragging here.  I have been a fan of this series since I pick up the first book on a whim and began to read it.  The pages pulled me in and I haven’t stopped pushing the book since.  In a unified world where the people are controlled by the corrupt System Cops, and held together by the crooked politicians the world has become a dark place and in this noir cyberpunk world heroes don’t flourish but the bad guys do.

Enter Avery Cates.  He’s a bad man, a very bad man.  He’s a criminal, a thief but more importantly he is a killer for hire, an assassin, a Gunner.  He’s one of…

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