Geek This: The Mistborn Saga

A review of The Mistborn Saga by Brandon Sanderson

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You should be geeking Allomancy.

In the world of literature Brandon Sanderson is most popularly known as the man who finished The Wheel of Time but he was chosen for that role because of his earlier work like Elantris, Warbreaker, The Alcatraz series and the Mistborn trilogy.

So what is the Mistborn trilogy?

In it’s simplest definitions it’s about a world, being strangled by darkness that needs one man, chosen by heritage and filled with courage, to defeat it.

He fails.

It’s a world that for a thousand years has lived in wasteland filled with ash and mist and ruled by an immortal emperor called the Lord Ruler.   What naturally spawns is a revolt, despite that every revolt in the past 1000 years had failed, to take down the Lord Ruler.

Why Care?

This latest revolt, led by a man named Kelsier, is not approached like a Lord of the…

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