Tome of Geek: The Damned Busters

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Poker can lead to a great deal of good things in life, it can also lead to a great deal of bad, but in The Damned Busters by Matthew Hughes poker lead to the absence of all sin and the formation of the world’s first super hero duo.

Matthew Hughes, in his first book for Angry Robot publishing, pens the story of Chesney Anstruther: a man who accidently summons a demon while setting up for poker.  When he refuses to sell his soul Hell goes on strike.  Turn out they have a union and it’s a picky on at that.

With hell on strike, the world is devoid of sin.  What could be preserved as a good thing turns out to be bad, very bad.  This leads to intense negotiations between Chesney and Satan.  The outcome is simple.  Chesney can have his heart’s desire.  He chooses what every comic…

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