Days of Infamy review

darkhold7We continue Avengers Month here at The Book Closet with a guest spot by Avengers Scarlett Witch and Doctor Strange in Darkhold #7 that calls back to one of the greatest Avengers stories ever: Avengers West Coast: Darker than Scarlett and foreshadows another epic Avengers storyline: Avengers Disassembled!

Well, that’s a lovely cover. So much for feminism. :S.

In all seriousness though, Darkhold #7 holds within it the potential for a great read. It continues the story from where it left off last time, with our heroes on the beaches of Miami as the memories of a World War II vet cause the Darkhold to recreate the event in modern day in the form of a horde of supernaturally empowered Japanese fighters attacking the beach much as they did at Pearl Harbor.

The plot is cleverly handled and moves at a great pace, with each of the three Redeemers getting their chance to show off their talents and help defeat the foes and save the innocent civilians. Of particular note in this issue is Louise Hastings, who helps calm the nerves of the damaged vet responsible for the chaos with her own memories of Bristish occupation.

The problems of last issue are gone. No more sidekick-stardom, for instance. While Dr. Strange, Scarlett Witch, Agatha Harkness and even Modred are all still present, they are put on the back-burner and hand the spotlight over to the stars of the book, where it should be. Where this issue falls is in its pacing. Everything happens very fast and you aren’t given any time to digest anything. This is especially prevalent today, as I’m used to the “decompressed” storytelling of the 2000s-era comic books. Still, this was the style of the time and I’m not going to hold it against the book too much.

The end features a great moment where Modred finally gets his comeuppance, as well as the cliffhanger last-panel that’s almost becoming tiring. Really, there’s no need for it every time. Again, not really removing points… just a note for writers out there.

3/5. Good middle-of-the-road type stuff. Works very well as a part of the series, but not so much on its own.

Days of Infamy (Darkhold, #7)Days of Infamy by Christian Cooper

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good middle-of-the-road type stuff. Works very well as a part of the series, but not so much on its own.

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