Tome of Geek: Costume Not Included

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Ever feel like you world needs more devils, demons and super-heroes?  I know my does, and thanks to Matthew Hughes I just got my fix.  In Costume Not Included we returned to the world of Chesney Anstruther, Xaphan and The Actionary.

This sequel to The Damned Busters is a nice return to the world of Chesney.  There are a bunch of subtle differences in the leap from book one to second.  The first is out main character.  In the first book Matthew tip-toes around Chesney’s mental state of mind.  It was like a secret that if you paid attention then maybe somebody would whisper it to you.  In this book he comes out and simply reveal that his hero is in fact a high-functioning autistic.  Although the reason for his change in style this become clearer as the book progresses, his ‘pools of light’ device becoming a reoccurring element and…

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