X-Babies Classic review

X-Babies Classic, Vol. 1X-Babies Classic, Vol. 1 by Chris Claremont
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

There are certain parts of reading through X-Men that just… just make me hate the act of doing it. Anytime Mojo comes up I just sort of hold my hands over my ears and hope it’ll be over soon. I do the same thing whenever The Impossible Man shows up: even though he’s a Fantastic Four character, he loves showing up to bother The New Mutants and X-Force every now and again. And then there’s the X-Babies.

I don’t know how the X-Babies came about. I mean I know the in-story reason: they were created by Mojo as a ‘cute’ alternative to the X-Men for his fans… but what real-world reason was there for their inclusion in the X-Men mythos? What do they contribute to the ongoing struggles of a segment of society outcast by the mainstream, struggling for independence and freedom? Hint: not a thing.

I can only imagine the X-Babies were created when somebody saw what a hit the Muppet Babies were and just decided: okay, let’s do that.


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