Oxford’s The Odyssey review

Homer's OdysseyHomer’s Odyssey by Lillian E. Doherty
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

And in the realm of the unbelievably obscure, we now have a review of an Oxford-produced review of the Odyssey. If reviewing the Odyssey itself was pretentious, this should cement me as the most arrogant reviewer on the Internet.

Much like the ethnographys of Paul Stoller, it’s hard to judge these. They’re texts. They’re not supposed to have plots or characters or what not. But for people involved in classes on Greek it’s a good read, especially the Reverse Similies essay by Helene Foley, who is famous for accessible work on the subject.

It’s again very dry. I can’t suggest it to the average reader, and even a Greek literature enthusiast like me found it hard to read at points. Sometimes the authors take for granted that not everyone has the same knowledge of Greek culture they do, and that the market for this book is primarily University students.

All in all, good secondary source for essays and the like on the Odyssey. 4/5 points, with points removed for inaccessibility.


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