Godzilla #7 review

The Government Gave them a Choice... (Godzilla, #7)The Government Gave them a Choice… by Duane Swierczyski
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So as with all my reviews so far, I want to start off by explaining how I know of this character and franchise thus far, because it’s likely very different from how the average fan finding this review on the Internet views it.

I came across Godzilla through the Matthew Broderick movie, which I absolutely loved. I must have watched it twenty times. I thought it was a great piece of Hollywood fluff, funny and entertaining. And I liked Godzilla in it. Did I think it ripped off other movie popular at the time? Sure, but that didn’t distract from my ability to enjoy it.

After that there was an animated series on Fox that lasted only one season, following the continuing adventures of Nick and the spawn of the Godzilla in the movie, who we saw hatch at the end of the movie. It was a great series and brought Godzilla back to the roots that people missed in the movie: Godzilla fought other monsters. Godzilla caused mass destruction. Godzilla was hunted. This Godzilla had been “imprinted” to Nick, and now fought for good as best it could along with him. It was great series, I still get the theme music stuck in my head from time to time.

I’ve learned since that most fans hate these versions of the character and prefer the Godzilla from the original movies, who “could not have been beaten by Ferris Beuler.” I get that. I don’t like it when people mess with my franchise. I’m simply explaining my fore-knowledge going into this, the IDW – published Godzilla #7.

I think the thing I find odd with any Godzilla comic or series, aside from a movie, is that it in essence focuses on a natural disaster. I’m never sure if I’m supposed to be on Godzilla’s side or not. In this issue, written by Duane Swierczyski and drawn by Simon Gane, I don’t think we’re supposed to be. We’re instead following a man named Boxer and his team that hunts Godzilla.

As the book open Godzilla has already destroyed Seattle and Boxer thinks he’s moving on to Vancouver Canada next. Turns out he was right, and he’s set a trap involving explosives to try and force Godzilla into the path of a nearby active volcano. It fails due to some military helicopter the intervenes mysteriously on Godzilla’s behalf, resulting in the death of Boxer’s man Uri. The issue ends with Boxer vowing vengeance on whoever was piloting the chopper.

It’s a really straightforward story with some decent art, I’m just not sure if I liked it. It was okay, I just feel like this approach has been done to death and I can’t really say the creative team is doing anything particularly new with it. The art, while good, doesn’t take advantage of the medium either. In the old movies Godzilla looks like a man in a rubber suit. Here he looks like a drawing of a man in a rubber suit. I get that Gane was likely trying to remain authentic, but come on. Godzilla was a lizard. Let him move like one.

On a plus note, I’m pretty sure page seventeen has one of Boxer’s team holding a gun to Stephen Harper’s head and Harper claiming he’s defecated himself. So that’s worth the price of admission alone.


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