Turtle Thursday: New Friend, Old Enemy (review)

Nickelodeon ShredderThis was another solid episode, doing well to establish the Shredder as a continual threat. By episode’s end, Splinter is aware that the Shredder is aware of them, and we’ve met two of his new henchmen: a Foot elite guard named Bradford and a wise-cracking street thug named Xever. They have allayed my fears that there would be a mutant every episode, as there wasn’t one here… but Pixel Dan’s review of the new toys in the line has made me aware they will be mutated at some point, taking the place of Bebop and Rocksteady as the main henchmen. At least they seem to be competent henchmen.

Without giving too much away, this is a Mikey-centric episode about him trying to find a friend and ending up being taken in by the Foot accidentally.

Raphael and Leonardo

I’ve forgotten to mention, the Turtles do this cool white-eye thing when they’re in hardcore Ninja mode. It’s pretty cool, and very effective for switching between the lighthearted tone of the series to a more serious one. And the Turtles do do some proper Ninjaing in this episode, so that’s happy. While this episode was a tad predictable, it still serves its purpose well. And the Ninja-fighting is done incredibly well.

Can’t wait to see how this series treats the Shredder.


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