Splinter and Shredder grew! (may not be accurate)

The Incredible Shrinking Turtles Part II (Ninja Turtles Adventures, #4)The Incredible Shrinking Turtles Part II by Ken Mitchroney
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

So, I’m just now noticing that Dave Garcia has been moved to inker. I wonder how all this came about. Was he somebody at Archie’s cousin that needed a job? I really wonder if there’s a nepotism version of an e-true Hollywood story behind this.

Anyway, this story starts where the last one left off, with Shredder gloating to Baxter Stockman that he’s shrunken down the Empire State Building.

Stockman. Heh. That fits, because he’s very much a stock character in the early episodes.

Meanwhile, the Turtles have various adventures while tiny themselves, such as fighting off a snake, a fish, and eating a giant pizza. The stuff you’d expect, but it’s handled well enough.

Shredder shows his buildings to Krang and, like I said last time, since this offers no proof that the Turtles are dead, Krang is pissed. So Baxter reveals he has a tricorder that can track the Turtles no matter where they are in the city…

… really? Okay. Sure. He catches them in the middle of the bay and takes them back to Shredder, who is ready to bash them with a crow bar a la Jason Todd when Splinter shows up to save them.

The only twist at the end is that Shredder succeeds in keeping the gem that shrank the Turtles. Since the stories in these comics will very quickly stop being inspired by the show, the gem (to my knowledge) never gets brought up again. This creates an interesting plot hole, though not a major one. I could be wrong. I read many of these issues as a kid, but not all of them.

This issue seems very dragged out. It would have been better off as a truncated end to last issue, rather than two full-sized issues. Still, both story and art are good.

Wait… also, they never put the Empire State Building back to normal size. Huh.


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