Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #18

Mondo Metal (Ninja Turtles Adventures, #18)Mondo Metal by Dean Clarrain
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

And finally, we return to New York.

**By the way, there’s an infamous annual that takes place between this issue and the last. Don’t worry, I’ll get to it.**

This issue, titled “Mondo Metal,” sees the Turtles and April finally return to New York. As much as I liked to see them out and about, I’m happy they’re back. May Ray departs in the first panel, and our heroes are hopping a train home.

The credits bring an ill tiding: “Music by Merciless Slaughter.”

This is a comic book, right? I didn’t think it had a soundtrack. It’s not even an audio comic.

They make their way through the sewers to home, coming across the toxic waste and the suped-up Foot Soldier from issue # 11, and they realize there’s music coming from Shredder’s old headquarters and… holy crap. There’s actually music notes, between panels. Real sheet music that can be played, along with the lyrics. That’s actually fairly innovative. I’ve never seen that before.

The Turtles discover there’s some kids using Shredder’s hideout to practice playing music. April and Don ask if this is dangerous, but are promptly told to shut up because the band is about to finish up.

This series’s moments of clarity are never anything short of awesome.

The lead singer has a pet gecko on his shoulder. I’m sure that doesn’t amount to anything.

Anyway, Foot Soldiers suddenly attack the teens and the heroes leap in to intervene.

I’d like to take a moment to comment on how awesome the Foot Soldiers look in this comic. Rather than a stock appearance like in the cartoon, they really are different and intimidating.

The other musicians escape as the Turtles fight off the robots, but the lead singer (Mondo) takes a different door and appears to be attacked by that some Super-Foot from earlier (or another one, I don’t know). It kidnaps Mondo’s girlfriend Candy and tosses him into a vat of mutagen, transforming into the half-gecko, half-human Mondo Gecko!

This character was very popular on the series, and just about everybody had his toy. Anyway, Mondo and Mikey jet off on skateboards after the fleeing Super Foot, who is now scaling a building Kong-syle with Candy in tow. Why? We’ve stopped asking. Mondo scales the building like a Spectacular Spider-Gecko and confronts the monster head-on, hitting it with his board and sending it off the building and into a thousand pieces.

Candy can’t handle Mondo in this form and he bids her farewell, joining the Turtles as they head home to Splinter… but not before they see a  bunch of meteors swirling around Null’s tower and decide to save that until later.

Yes. Strange music? Deal with it now. Obviously somethings wrong meteors orbiting a building in downtown New York? That can wait.


Another one that seemed better when I was young, but still a more than passable issue.


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