Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #16

Dreadging the Ocean Blue (Ninja Turtles Adventures, #16)Dreadging the Ocean Blue by Dean Clarrain
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

And we finally get the first of our mutant animals (you’ll get that later) returning. This issue features the return of Man-Ray, last seen in TMNT Adventures #5.

This issue opens with Splinter, trying his best to meditate but finding it difficult because he’s worried about his sons. We then cut quickly to Kid Colt, henchmen of the mysterious Mr. Null, searching for the Turtles in a helicopter over the jungle. They then quickly find their way to the ocean, where Donatello cobbles together some rafts and the Turtles and April set sail, leaving Jagwar and Dreadmon behind.

After sailing for some time and playing with some dolphins and sea turtles, the crew is captured by a giant underseas crab robot ship.

Wait, what?

This is rather… forced. Anyway, it takes them down. They wake up in captivity, but find they aren’t alone: there’s an odd anthropomorphic fish there named Bubba the Glub Blub and, as stated, May Ray. They’ve been abducted as well.

It turns out they’ve captured by Kid Colt, and while they’re forcing their way out he shoots at man Ray and misses… striking the fish creature thing, who then dies.

The thing is, we’re supposed to feel pathos here. And as a kid I think I actually did. But not now. This thing was only around for maximum ten panels, and never spoke a word the reader could understand. I’m sorry, just fry it up with some corn and serve it.

Anyway, May Ray freaks out and wrecks the ship, and now seems to be joining the Turtles on their journey. The end.

I really didn’t like this issue. May Ray talks WAY too much. He’s the exposition fairy all the time. I think they’re setting him up as a kind of leader character, and if the 90s “leader” meant “preachy bastard who talks too much”… a la Cyclops and Captain America.

Definitely not a high point.


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