Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #19

The Man who Sold the World (Ninja Turtles Adventures, #19)The Man who Sold the World by Dean Clarrain
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hey, Dreadmon’s on the cover with the Turtles, and they’re all encased inside the Turnstone… cool!

So as the cover implies, this is an important issue. Probably the most important of the series to date. This is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures #19, “The Man who Sold the World.”

Side note on art: best yet in this issue, by a gentleman named Garrett Ho.

Issue starts with a skyline shot of NYV, and I’d be lying if seeing the World Trade Center there didn’t get to me every time. But, moving on.

Mondo and the Turtles are relaxing on a building-top, while Donatello examines the Null building that had meteors around it last night… meteors that have since strangely disappeared. Mondo suggests they were flying saucers, which Mikey finds ridiculous… until they point out that they’ve traveled Dimensions in a giant Cow’s head.

Ridiculous comes in classes, I guess.

Spinter and April arrive and explain that Raphael is off sulking to himself again. He seems to only like himself when he’s away from New York in this series, which is an interesting bit of character development. April reveals that she’s learned that Null was likely behind most of their troubles while globetrotting, and he’s finally revealed as the new villan of the series in Shredder’s absence.

I must commend this series again for bringing in new villains. Kudos.

We cut then to Null himself, who’s putting the final touches on his deal with Skull and Bean. He gets to expand his business to other worlds, and in return, they get his help taking over the earth. It’s worth noting here that we have yet to see Null, over ever his hand. I think the writer’s hand Dr. Klaw envy.

We then cut to May Ray, who’s examining meteors at the bottom of the sea. One of them attacks him, sending him out of the ocean and into the shore, when Dreadmon and Jaqwar just happen to be moon-bathing.

Wow, that was lucky.

Man Ray and Jagwar exchange some genuinely witty dialog, when the meteor starts to open!

We cut back to New York, the Turtles are attacked by Kid Colt, who seems to be asking for their help again Null, but is attacked and knocked out by Rapheal, and then all are attacked by Skull and Bean.

It’s actually cooler than it sounds. The dialog is peppy.

They fight for several pages, until Bean shoot a gas grenade out of the giant hole in his head and the Turtles are knocked out. Null shows up and thanks them, revealing himself to have demonic horns…

… and this will be continued both here, and in the new Mighty Mutanimals series!

This issue is great. Everything works. There are a few logic leaps (how did everyone know where everyone else was to attack? Of all places, why did the meteor land right there?) But they’re forgivable. Honestly, they are.

Although great, this series can do better. Well above average though.


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