Spider-Man: D.E.A.D to Rights! review

DEAD to rights! by Tom Peyer
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a frigging weird comic book starring Spider-Man and Generation X teaming up in Los Angeles, of all places. The plot goes through so many contrivances to get the characters to Los Angeles, and yet there’s no real reason for them to be there. In fact, if they hadn’t made such a big deal out of being there, I wouldn’t have even realized they were there. There are no landmarks or buildings that make the generic city the artist draws Los Angeles as opposed to New York.

This has happened a few times in Spidey’s history, and I feel like Peyer might realize that and be poking fun at it a little. Every so often (The first time being in Spider-Man #6 when he fought the Lizard in Florida) Spider-Man will have to face a foe on the road and will have to go beg J Jonah Jameson to send him there on assignment so he can check it out as Spider-Man.

The question then becomes: why does Jonah only do this when Peter asks? The act of sending Peter, at great expense, to cover a story must have one of two results: either it works and the story is a hit, or it doesn’t. If the story doesn’t work, why would Jonah send Peter again? If it does work, why is Peter not constantly getting phone calls from Jonah: “Peter, i need you in Iraq or Philadelphia or wherever.”

Anyway, Spider-Man gets to LA and — by chance — Generation X is there two. That’s 2 New York region based heroes happening to go to LA and happening to run into each other. Way too much happenstance going on here. And what’s worse, the issue doesn’t even take full advantage of having these characters together, because it spent too much time getting them to this ridiculous location.

What a missed opportunity, all to fight some generic would-be terrorists.


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