To Drown in Sand by: B.C. Laybolt | Review

In an effort to support regional authors, I’m going to start reviewing books written by Atlantic Canadian authors.

There will be two conditions though:

  1. They will be “genre fiction”.
  2. I will have the authors permission to post the review. I realize that I don’t need it, but I wish to maintain respectful ties with each of these talented authors.

Book Review #1 “To Drown in Sand Book One Lunen Regiment Trilogy” by: B.C. Laybolt.

I would like to start off by saying that if you enjoy good quality military sci-fi actions scenes, then this story is for you. It felt like an homage to several Warhammer 40K Imperial Guard novels that I love, while at the same time bringing something fresh and new to the reader.

There is an amazing amount of detail to the characters and setting of the story, you really felt like you were slugging through the sand, or dead bodies… 😉 The attention to detail with wounds, hand-to-hand fighting, “fog of war”, and several other factors shows how much effort went into researching this novel. I now know what it must feel like to wipe brains off of my face after a mortar explodes!

The only reason why I didn’t feel comfortable giving it 5 stars, is that I felt a bit lost in the first third of the novel. In my opinion, it really could have used a bit more “setting the scene” and world-building for the reader. I have no doubt that there are reams of backstory and history in files someplace at the authors home, I just feel the reader could have made use of them.

As stated on the cover, this story is the first in a trilogy and it reads as such. The reader is left finishing the first book with a clear ending, but the author also managed to make you wanting more, as important information about the protagonists past is revealed at the end.

My biggest suggestion is that book two open with a “big picture” overview and short summary of what happened, and to whom in book one.

My review: 4 out of 5 stars

To Drown in Sand


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