X-Men: The Juggernaut storyline review

In lieu of an actual “Juggernaut” collection, we’re gonna look at each part of this interesting transformation individually! 🙂

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5 X-Men issues so bad, I can’t even give them a full review

It was going to happen eventually: a comic was going to break me. I didn’t think we’d ever get to a point where they would be made to fill a list, but here we are: all of them X-Men this time around. What happened here? They won’t be making movies of these. No matter what Brian Singer or Hugh Jackman does, you can’t make silver-screen gold out of these clunkers. In any universe as broad as Marvel with as many X-Titles as there were every month there were bound to be a few strays in the mix… but when X-Men goes bad, it really goes bad.

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