Free Book: Dead Man’s Salute by Steve Vernon | What to Read

There is a truly amazing book by Steve Vernon, author of Flash Virus and The Tatterdemon trilogy, for FREE today on Amazon. Here are the details: “After Sally Mae Webster phoned me up to tell me that my Korean War buddy Luther Webster had been shot and killed by the Bates brothers I knew that…

Infantasy by Jay Paulin | Review

Ever see those black-and-white film-school short films on YouTube? That? That’s what Faces and Infantasy are

Compendium by Ellen Curtis | Review

What is my ultimate feeling for Compendium, then? It’s a strong technical book that is over too quickly. Here’s hoping we see some more of Curtis’ work soon.

Black Womb by Matthew LeDrew | Review

Other than the minor quibbles, Black Womb did what all great series openers should: it laid down a strong foundation for the future and provided an entertaining read on its own.

An Extremely biased, one-sided review of IDW Kill Shakespeare vol. 1

These scenes are handled expertly. McCreery shares his writing duties with Anthony Del Col 50/50 and I’m not sure how they divvy this up… does one plot and the other dialog? Do they hash it out together? I’d be interested to know… I suppose I could just email him, but that would take the mystery out of it. Some things I’d rather assume.