Despicable Deadpool Vol. 1 | Review

This title brought about a strange collection of feelings for me. I would have liked to have written a “Look Deeper” post about it, but I may need to separate myself from it a little more before being able to do that. As of right now the dominant feeling this book has brought forth is……

X-Factor: Tribute the Third | Review

This story not only has emotional weight and significance, it also pairs nicely with the short-story “The Killing Stroke” by Fabian Niceza in showing what happened to the members of Freedom Force that caused them to disband as the government’s super-team

Rogue & Gambit by Kelly Thompson #1 (2018) | Review

Rogue & Gambit (2018) #1 by Kelly Thompson Rogue and Gambit wee my absolute two favorite heroes growing up. I there is an entire generation of people who learned to read in the early 90s for whom this was their first introduction to the idea of “tragic love,” the sort of love that’s doomed to…

Maverick: Last Stand | Review

Maverick spun out of Wolverine-centric X-Men stories and was essentially a mercenary with ties to Wolverine’s past in general and Weapon X in specific. If that sounds familiar, it should: it could also describe Deadpool. In fact, the Maverick ongoing series started around the same time as the Deadpool ongoing series did.

Compendium by Ellen Curtis | Review

What is my ultimate feeling for Compendium, then? It’s a strong technical book that is over too quickly. Here’s hoping we see some more of Curtis’ work soon.

Black Womb by Matthew LeDrew | Review

Other than the minor quibbles, Black Womb did what all great series openers should: it laid down a strong foundation for the future and provided an entertaining read on its own.