The Jaunt by Stephen King review

This is one of those shining examples of what King can accomplish when he really puts himself into his work and has some idea of where the story is going before he starts.

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5 X-Men issues so bad, I can’t even give them a full review

It was going to happen eventually: a comic was going to break me. I didn’t think we’d ever get to a point where they would be made to fill a list, but here we are: all of them X-Men this time around. What happened here? They won’t be making movies of these. No matter what Brian Singer or Hugh Jackman does, you can’t make silver-screen gold out of these clunkers. In any universe as broad as Marvel with as many X-Titles as there were every month there were bound to be a few strays in the mix… but when X-Men goes bad, it really goes bad.

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