Author Peter Gillet penning second novel

Sources close to author Peter Gillet say he is “well underway into his second novel.” His first book, Mind Full of Prose is the exciting first collection of short works by author Peter Gillet. Gillet’s imagination has created worlds of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and Lovecraftian genres in which believable characters play by their own…

To Drown in Sand by: B.C. Laybolt | Review

In an effort to support regional authors, I’m going to start reviewing books written by Atlantic Canadian authors. There will be two conditions though: They will be “genre fiction”. I will have the authors permission to post the review. I realize that I don’t need it, but I wish to maintain respectful ties with each…

BBC Booklist: My Quest

Sometimes I think I’m well read. Then I play a game like this: Have you read more than 6 of these books? The BBC believes most people will have read only 6 of the 100 books listed here. Instructions: Copy this into your NOTES. Bold those books you’ve read in their entirety, italicize the ones…

New Release: Finished with Life but Unable to Die by Scott Bartlett | What To Read

We haven’t seen an author with this kind of dedication and attention to detail tackle science-fiction with an original idea yet in this decade. Every decade needs their ground-breaking science-fiction author with their fingers on the pulse of society, what it needs and the issues it needs voiced in the sort of outsider-in perspective that only science-fiction can do. Me may have it now, finally, with Scott Bartlett’s Finished with Life.

The Almost Coup review

Ah, see this is more like it. The Almost Coup (pronounced COO fools) is the second book in Kenneth Tams Defense Command series, and it tops the first by a great margin

Iron Man 3 Review: Return of the Awesome

So five years ago I went to see the first Iron Man movie with my buddy Jordon Pollard — great guy, never had a book dedicated to him. I didn’t expect much, because honestly I didn’t think much of the character at the time. I’d never read Iron Man. I didn’t particularly like Iron Man….

Gut Reaction: IDW Leonardo Micro-Series #4

I literally just finished this issue after picking it up at Downtown Comics. And I’m conflicted about it. There’s a certain “logic of good taste” that says I shouldn’t compare this to the original, but it’s hard. This is one of the iconic Turtle stories, seen in the original Mirage series, the first movie, the…