Compendium by Ellen Curtis | Review

What is my ultimate feeling for Compendium, then? It’s a strong technical book that is over too quickly. Here’s hoping we see some more of Curtis’ work soon.

Kenneth Tam’s “The Grasslands” review

Tam’s hybrid of military action, character drama and tense western works wonderfully. His respect for the subject matter is evident.

Black Womb by Matthew LeDrew | Review

Other than the minor quibbles, Black Womb did what all great series openers should: it laid down a strong foundation for the future and provided an entertaining read on its own.

IDW Classic Popeye #7 | Review

It’s Popeye. It’s like asking somebody to describe a carrot without using the word “carrot,” sometimes it’s just hard to simplify things any further.

IDW Kill Shakespeare vol.2 Review

We’re back for more Kill Shakespeare by McCreery, Del Col and Belanger. Last time I was impressed but felt there was some need for improvement, so let’s see how the back-six of this 12 issue series fare.

An Extremely biased, one-sided review of IDW Kill Shakespeare vol. 1

These scenes are handled expertly. McCreery shares his writing duties with Anthony Del Col 50/50 and I’m not sure how they divvy this up… does one plot and the other dialog? Do they hash it out together? I’d be interested to know… I suppose I could just email him, but that would take the mystery out of it. Some things I’d rather assume.

Gut Reaction: IDW Leonardo Micro-Series #4

I literally just finished this issue after picking it up at Downtown Comics. And I’m conflicted about it. There’s a certain “logic of good taste” that says I shouldn’t compare this to the original, but it’s hard. This is one of the iconic Turtle stories, seen in the original Mirage series, the first movie, the…